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When exploiting kids for cash goes wrong on YouTube: the lessons of DaddyOFive

Tama Leaver, Curtin University and Crystal Abidin, Curtin University

The US YouTube channel DaddyOFive, which features a husband and wife from Maryland “pranking” their children, has pulled all its videos and issued a public apology amid allegations of child abuse.

The “pranks” would routinely involve the parents fooling their kids into thinking they were in trouble, screaming and swearing at them, only the reveal “it was just a prank” as their children sob on camera.

2017 Nancy Baym Book Award

The Nancy Baym book award committee are delighted to announce the 2017 winner. The award goes to Nicholas John for his book ‘The Age of Sharing’. The competition was especially hard this year, with many exceptional books submitted, making our job really difficult. Acknowledging this, the committee would like to specifically mention two books, whose innovative approach, originality and breadth of scholarship make them stand out: Helen Kennedy’s Post, Mine, Repeat, and Holly Kruse’s Off-Track and Online.

Questioning Europe in 4D: Digitization, Datafication, Discrimination & Diversity

Questioning Europe in 4D: Digitization, Datafication, Discrimination & Diversity Originally Published: 16.11.2016 by Koen Leurs This blogpost explores the workings of Europe from the perspective of human (im)mobility, digitization, datafied discrimination and transnational digital connectivity. The focus will be on