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Facebook Shuts the Gate after the Horse Has Bolted, and Hurts Real Research in the Process

A public response from leading members of the Internet research community. In reaction to the Cambridge Analytica controversy, Facebook has recently announced a substantial tightening of access restrictions to the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms

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Top Student Paper: IR 14.0

We are happy to announce the best student paper for this year. Matthew Crain, from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, will be presenting “Financial Markets and Online Advertising Demand: Reevaluating the Dotcom Investment Bubble.” The conference committee found his work to be promising and innovative. We look forward to

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IR14.0 Travel Grant Applications

In order to increase the diversity of participation in the AoIR annual Internet Research (IR) conferences, the Association of Internet Researchers makes available up to four conference fee waivers and travel stipends per year. This year we will especially favor

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