AoIR Institutional Memory

The AoIRchive is AoIR’s very own archival repository, curated by the Institutional Memory subcommittee. The AoIRchive chiefly collates AoIR’s institutional history, including the textual and visual documentation of our annual Conference and Doctoral Colloquium, Symposia, Special Issues and related Publications, Exec and Subcommittee membership, and most recently, the 20th Anniversary Time Capsule. This initiative began with the 2015-2017 Exec under the helm of Annette Markham. Each term, the subcommittee is led by a member of the AoIR Exec and a small group of member volunteers.


  • To build a clear narrative about what AoIR is and means to its members
  • To foster, through the curation of archives and ongoing contributions from members, a better understanding and shared sense of AoIR’s organizational culture, in terms of its mission, values, and history
  • To establish methods of preserving and showcasing the institutional history of AoIR in a public and accessible form
  • To improve knowledge transfer across AoIR Exec cohorts
  • To preserve AoIR legacy by gathering stories, materials, and other memories from people across the association


Subcommittee Members

2020-2021: Crystal Abidin, [soliciting further subcomm members shortly]
2017-2019: Crystal Abidin, Luca Rossi
2015-2017: Annette Markham, Adrienne Massanari, Kelly Quinn, Kevin Driscoll, Sam Suray, Stacy Blasiola, Robert Gehl, Jenny Korn, Gabriel Pereira, Mads Rehder


Interested in being part of the Institutional Memory Committee? Please get in touch via the AoIRchive Contribution Form.