AoIR 20th Anniversary 2019-2039 Time Capsule

The 2019–2021 Institutional Memory Subcommittee and Exec are bottling up a physical time capsule in commemoration of AoIR’s 20th Anniversary, to be opened in 2039 (for the 40th Anniversary). Members who attended the AoIR2019 AGM had the opportunity to deposit their Memories of AoIR Postcard in our time capsule. We are now extending this opportunity to all members of AoIR to deposit anything you desire (i.e. Your best AoIR memory! Letters to your old/future self! Your hopes & wishes for AoIR!) into our time capsule as long as it can be printed on paper, as this analogue medium has seemed to stand the test of time for thousands of years (goodness knows if USBs and online Drives will still be viable in 2040… or maybe hologramic technology would be the default… or maybe the robots would have taken over Earth…)

Simply write out or upload your printable-on-paper memories (text, images). (We are operating on communal trust and faith here, so please do not upload spam or viruses thank you!)

Apart from the time capsule deposits, we are also seeking any photographs and conference programmes from 1999–2019, which you may kindly upload.

Thank you!
–Crystal Abidin, Institutional Memory Subcommittee, AoIR Exec 2019–2021