Annual Dissertation Award

The AoIR Dissertation Award was established in 2012 to recognize the work of emerging scholars in the field of Internet research. Dissertations filed in the previous calendar year are eligible. Submission instructions will be distributed in the early Spring. The submissions will be reviewed by a committee of scholars experienced in supervising dissertation work.

Check back soon to see the call for nominations for 2017.

Winners include:

  • 2016: Eden Litt (Northwestern University) – “The Imagined Audience: How People Think About Their Audience and Privacy on Social Network Sites.”
  • 2015: Nora Draper (University of Pennsylvania) – “Reputation, Inc.: Assessing the industrialization of self-presentation and privacy in the digital era”
  • 2014: Elisa Oreglia (University of California – Berkeley) – “From Farm to Farmville: Circulation, Adoption, and Use of ICT between Urban and Rural China”
  • 2013: Taina Bucher (University of Oslo) – “Programmed Sociality: A Software Studies Perspective on Social Networking Sites”
  • 2012: Jessica L. Beyer (University of Washington) – “Youth and the Generation of Political Consciousness Online”