Call for Proposals: Ignite-IR, Internet Research 12.0

by | May 16, 2011 | Awards, Community, Conferences, Ethics

Call for Proposals: Ignite-IR, Internet Research 12.0, Seattle,
Washington, October 10-13, 2011

Given the theme this year, “Performance and Participation,” it seemed a particularly good time to introduce a new format of presentation to the Internet Research conference. The “Ignite” presentation is a structured, high-energy, short talk in which you share your passion and creative ideas about internet research. If you are excited about a new perspective, an issue, or a practice taking place on the internet, this is the place to get others excited about it as well.

Like pecha-kucha, Ignite is formed around a formalism: you must create a “deck” of 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. This represents a radical departure from the traditional paper presentation, and is focused on telling an enlightening story, making an argument, and inciting an audience to come to your way of thinking and action. Keep the logos, but add pathos: humor, wit, rhetorical (and physical) stunts are encouraged. It’s academic stand-up.

If you are one of the several dozen people that were in the backchannel last year complaining about boring PowerPoint presentations, here’s where the rubber meets the road. Show us what you can do!

The Ignite format of talks started in Seattle, but by now there are thousands of people who have given them. Many of these can be found here:

You might also take a look at:

Some things to note:

  • You may propose an Ignite-IR talk even if you already have a paper accepted–it does not count against your presentation cap.
  • While it can be related to a later research talk, it should not be a “preview”–the Ignite-IR talk should stand on its own.
  • The deadline for your proposal is midnight, July 31.
  • If your proposal is accepted, your deck of 20 slides is due no later than September 15.

Are you ready to go beyond talking about performance and perform‽ Are you ready to share the passion and excitement of Internet Research‽ Then propose a five-minute Ignite Talk!

Go here to fill out a proposal:

Please share widely!