Call for Expressions of Interest Conference Hosts for AoIR2026

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The Executive Committee of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from prospective Conference Hosts for AoIR’s annual meeting in October 2026, which will take place in North America.

We will consider two kinds of proposals. The first is our regular model, where the proposers wish to bring AoIR to their city and/or university. This proposal includes a core conference committee (as far as is possible this far in advance). The alternate approach involves individuals who would like to run an AoIR conference nominating themselves to do so, with AoIR choosing the location (based on cost, convenience, and other considerations). In this case, AoIR would put together a committee, though we are also open to groups putting themselves forward as a pre-formed committee (or a part of one) too. We see this as widening the potential pool of AoIR conference committee members, including program chair. Please reach out to prez @ with any questions about this new hosting possibility.

EOIs are due to the AoIR Executive Committee by 15 April 2024. EOIs will be reviewed by the AoIR Executive Committee, who will then gauge feasibility through a series of follow-up discussions with proposers. Proposers for the 2026 conference will be informed of decisions regarding conference hosting by September 2024. The AoIR membership will be informed of the 2026 conference location during the AGM at AoIR2024 in Sheffield.

The AoIR conference draws an international group of around 600 researchers and practitioners to present and discuss work at the cutting edge in understanding the individual, social, political, economic and cultural aspects of the internet and related technologies. The conference host committee is a regional group of scholars that may be part of the same or different organizations. They are also invited to propose a Program Chair. The Program Chair oversees the submissions and review process of papers, panels, workshops, and preconferences, and schedules the conference sessions. The Program Chair may be a member of the organization that acts as Conference Host. Members of the Conference Host Committee should have a strong existing connection to AoIR.

Serving on the conference host committee is a large commitment. The role of the committee is to make contributions to the conference theme and call for papers, identify keynote and plenary speakers, plan and provide crucial local knowledge and connections, and oversee region-specific fundraising (where possible, provide venue space at cost or in kind). AoIR will assist with the practical conference planning, including negotiating contracts with hotels, meeting venues, catering, and the like, and will partner with the host committee on many of the administrative details of the conference, such as reception and meal planning, AV and wifi provision, and exhibitor displays.

Teams that are interested in hosting the conference in their university(ies)/city should submit a brief expression of interest by 15 April, 2024. The EOI should include the following and be no longer than 5 double-spaced pages:

  1. the individuals and organization(s) involved, and their proposed roles;
  2. the connection of proposers to internet research and to AoIR;
  3. a description of any prior experiences proposers have had with organizing or hosting a conference, and the roles played in this;
  4. an argument to support the proposed conference location, especially with respect to ease of travel for AoIR’s multinational community of conference participants;
  5. initial thoughts on local venue options (AoIR has in the past held the annual conference at a variety of venue spaces including universities, conference centers, and hotels);
  6. prospective conference dates, keeping in mind any major local, national, and international holidays, semester schedules, or other aspects that might affect the timing of the conference;

Individuals or groups who are interested in running the 2026 conference at a site to be determined by AoIR should write a letter of application indicating their relevant skills and experience. Feel free to team up with other people, if you feel you can.

You are encouraged to contact Nik John with questions so that we can help you understand what hosting AoIR2026 entails.

Expressions of interest or questions can be sent to prez @