Travel Scholarship Recipient #AoIR2018 – Iyad Dajani

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Awards, Conferences

Each year, through the generous donations of AoIR conference attendees, we are able to fund several travel scholarships for junior scholars to attend the conference. We want to recognize our scholarship recipients and share with you a little bit about them and their interests.


Who are you?
@iyadDoudi my twitter name

Iyad Dajani is a Ph.D. student at the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies in Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, in his final stages. his doctoral research deals with Internet Communication Technology (ICT) for Reconciliation; A Phronetic Netnography in Applied Content Analysis – his case study is Palestine. his research explores the role of social digital networks on promoting a democratic culture in Palestine and studies its implications on achieving a Palestinian-Israeli just peace and sustainable reconciliation.

He has a B.Scs. in computer science from Al-Quds University and a Master Degree in regional Studies – American Studies and a Web Master Developer certificate from HackerU University in Tel-Aviv. He will submit his dissertation in August-2018.

Where are you from?
Jerusalem, now living in Jena and working at the Jena Centre for Reconciliation Studies as a Scholar in Internet research Methodologies.

What is your current area of study?
Applied Ethics in Big Data.

Describe the research you will present at #AoIR2018 (e.g., title, key findings, contribution to the discipline, etc.)
Title: The phenomenology of Internet Communication Technologies systems for social change towards social transformation process

Interdisciplinary research, The use Internet communication technology for social change towards a social transformation process in the middle of conflicts. The research describes how ICT can develop change within society for a better understanding of the enemy, and the role ICT can play to develop a change in policies to affect change in political decisions. Also the research would describe Internet Research Methodologies as in qualitative and quantitative approaches for social network analysis.

I would present the theoretical framework that I have developed for social change using ICT. I call it the phenomenology of ICT in Phronetic Social Science. But I’m working now on publishing my book and there is a whole chapter about it.

Have you presented at AoIR in the past?  If yes, what has been your experience? If #AoIR2018 Montréal is your first AoIR conference, what made you choose this conference? What do you expect from it?
No. This is my second time to attend the AOIR conference but I didn’t present anything at the first time, but would like to present if this is possible. I’m taking the preworkshop Internet Digital research methods , this is quite my field, I’m expert in social network analysis using Nvivo for windows. I want to develop a more understand of the term. I would also want to network with other scholars in my field. Internet Research Methodologies.