Report on the #AoIR2020 conference

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Read about the awards given at the AoIR2020_AGM_Presentation






This is what many virtual conferences look like. And these images are two of many from the #AoIR2020 conference. So what was different about AoIR2020?

Here’s how participant Judith Moeller described it:

The conference started with videos curated onto playlists:

The AoIR2020 conference put an emphasis on dialogue, allowing people to watch research videos before arriving to participate in a discussion group. Even those who hadn’t made videos were welcomed to talk about their views on the issues that were raised in the research we viewed. The approach was consistent with the AoIR ethos: that everyone matters, and everyone has something to contribute.

For AoIR conferences, we show up as scholars who want to get to know one another for our ideas as well as for who we are as human beings. So we also met up in AoIR2020 Town:







And in karaoke,





And internet themed trivia pub quizzes.








And to hear research presentations from our peers.



We responded to one another in our online forums and via twitter.






Gave one another positive feedback,





And shared how we created our videos or conducted our research.






And at the end, we celebrated with fun awards and a group photo:

Please see this blog for a review of From AoIR to Air: A Collective Sonic Selfie Experience, October 2020 a live spoken word and sonic performance poetry, zoom soundscape, by Klare Lanson:

Let us know what you thought of the conference. Because soon, we’ll be busy planning the next one for October 2021. Hope to see you there!