2019-2021 AoIR Executive Committee Nominations

AoIR is now seeking your nominations for the new Executive Committee, to take office in October of this year and serve until October 2021.

Below, you will find: a) a timeframe for the election, b) a description of the AoIR governance system and of the elected positions, c) our nominations and elections processes, and d) some key questions for candidates.

A. Timeframe of the Election:
1. The call for nominations opens on 11 March 2019 and will remain open for fifteen (15) days.
2. Nominations for all positions close on 26 March 2019.
3. Candidates will be listed on aoir.org and further information will be made available on our membership system, where discussion fora will let you ask questions of the candidates.
4. Voting begins on 22 April 2019 at our online balloting site and will remain open for ten (10) days. (Details for accessing this site will be sent in a later message through our membership system.)
5. Voting ends on 1 May 2019, expiring at 12:00 noon, U.S. Eastern Time in the State of Delaware.

Election results will be announced on air-l. The new Executive Committee is formally introduced and assumes its duties during the AoIR conference in Brisbane, on 2-5 October 2019.

More information about our election processes can be found in the AoIR Bylaws:

Candidates should familiarize themselves with the duties laid out in the Bylaws. I also encourage persons interested in running for a specific position to contact me or any of the current office-holder(s) with any questions. Please also note that the position of Treasurer, in particular, requires a very specific skillset, which is outlined here. Prospective candidates for Treasurer should reflect carefully on whether they have these skills.

B. AoIR Governance and Description of Elected Positions:
The organizational structure of AoIR is simple. There are 5 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Graduate Student representative). The 9-member Executive Committee consists of these officers, plus the Past President and 3 Open Seat representatives. Elected officials hold their positions for two years. After two years, the Vice President becomes President. Nominations are invited for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Graduate Student representative, and 3 Open Seats. You may nominate yourself or someone else you think would do a good job. Details on the nomination procedure follow below.

Duties of the President: Article 4/Section 6 of AoIR’s bylaws.
Duties of the Vice President: Article 4/Section 7 of AoIR’s bylaws.
Duties of the Secretary: Article 4/Section 8 of AoIR’s bylaws.
Duties of the Treasurer: Article 4/Section 9 of AoIR’s bylaws.
Duties of the Graduate Student Representative: Article 4/Section 10 of AoIR’s bylaws.
Duties of Open Seat representatives: Represent the membership of AoIR, and contribute to decision-making.

Members of the Executive have their membership fees waived for the duration of their term, and pay a reduced conference registration fee.

C. Nominations and Elections Processes:
Only current members of AoIR can run for a position. They may be nominated by anyone, including themselves. If nominated for more than one position, a nominee must choose to run for one (and only one) position in this election. You may nominate yourself or others. If nominating someone else, confirm with that person that they are willing to run, and eligible to do so.

Self-Nominations: Email AoIR Association Coordinator Michelle at <ac at aoir dot org> and indicate the position for which you are nominating yourself. Please provide in your nomination email a short candidate statement addressing the questions below.

Nominating Others: Email AoIR Association Coordinator Michelle at <ac at aoir dot org> with the name of the person you want to nominate, the position for which you are nominating this person, contact information for the person, and an indication of whether you know if this person would accept this nomination. (If you don’t know, we’ll contact them and ask.)

All candidates for election will be required to provide answers to the questions listed below, have the answers posted to the AoIR election forum, and participate in an online candidate forum.

In addition, the Graduate Student candidates must confirm in their response that they comply with the by-laws: the Graduate Student Representative must be actively enrolled in a degree program at the time of nomination and election.

Further, because of the specific legal duties and skills requirements for the position of Treasurer, candidates for this position should demonstrate experience with budget management and familiarity with U.S. tax law. Treasurer candidates should provide a detailed statement on their ability to meet the requirements of that role, as outlined at https://aoir.org/aoirtreasurer/.

The voting system used by AoIR allows one vote per member for each of the elected positions listed above. Votes will be tallied using a balloting software. In the case of the four directly elected officers, the candidate with the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner; in the case of the Open Seats, the candidates with the highest, second-highest, and third-highest votes shall be declared the three winners of the Open Seats.

In the case of tied results for the officer positions, the winner shall be determined by the ballot counters, by drawing of lots, using a method that ensures each of the tying candidates has an equal chance of success and witnessed by at least 1 person independent of the association. In the case of tied results for the open seat positions, the drawing of lots shall be used only when there are more tied candidates than seats available.

D. Questions for Candidates (these questions must be answered in your nomination email):
1. What are your qualifications for this position (including prior experience and participation in AoIR)?
2. Please describe two or three short-term goals you would like to achieve through membership on the executive (including a rationale for each and how you would contribute to their achievement).
3. What is your long-term vision for AoIR?
4. What else should voters consider when deciding on whether or not to vote for you?

In answering the questions, please be concise and give information specific to the position for which you are nominating, to enable voters to assess your case for election to that position. Candidates for Treasurer should also address the further specific requirements for that position: https://aoir.org/aoirtreasurer/.

2019 Nancy Baym Book Award Nominations

We are pleased to call for nominations for the Nancy Baym Annual Book Award. Named after former Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) president Nancy Baym, this award recognizes the best scholarship of AoIR and highlights the breadth of work relating to the sociocultural dimensions of networked media. We will accept nominations from AoIR members for books they found of great scholarly value and wish to champion. The books will be reviewed by a committee of Jeff Hemsley, Nicholas John, Katrin Tiidenberg, and chaired by Nancy Baym.

To be eligible for the award:

– The book must be authored or co-authored as a monograph and must explore a single topic (edited collections are not eligible).

– All of the book’s authors must be current members of AoIR at the time of submission (April 15, 2019). Memberships may be purchased here.

– The book must have been published between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

Each book should be accompanied by an emailed letter of nomination. Self-nominations from AoIR members are welcome. The letter of nomination, which must be written by a current member of AoIR, should outline:

– How the book contributes to AoIR’s intellectual community.
– The book’s unique contributions and overall strengths.
– If not a self-nomination, the letter should also include a statement that the nominated author has been contacted prior to its submission and accepts the nomination.

Books submitted without a meaningful nomination letter outlining both the strengths of the book and the book’s contribution to the AoIR community to AoIR will not be eligible.

Nomination letters and book copies in either digital or hard copy should arrive no later than April 15, 2019.

If digital, please provide access to BookAward@aoir.org.

Please indicate in the subject line: “AoIR Nancy Baym Book Award Submission.”

Hard copies (1 each) should be mailed to:

Nancy Baym
Microsoft, 12th Floor
1 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge MA 02142

Nicholas John
Department of Communication
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus

Jeff Hemsley in Hinds Hall
346 Hinds Hall
Syracuse, NY 13210

Katrin Tiidenberg
Nulu 2/2, Tallinn 12012,
Estonia, Europe

The winner of the award will be announced in June 2019. In addition to winning a cash prize, the individual will also be invited to present during a panel session on the winning book at the AoIR conference in Brisbane, Australia in October 2019.

Please contact Nancy Baym (BookAward [at] aoir.org) or Axel Bruns (prez [at] aoir.org) if you have any questions about this process.

2019 AoIR Dissertation Award

The Association of Internet Researchers calls for submissions for the 2019 AoIR Dissertation Award. To be eligible for the AoIR Dissertation Award, a PhD dissertation in the area of internet research must have been filed in the 2018 calendar year. Nominations (self and other) must be received by 15 April 2019. All methods and disciplines are welcome.

Submissions Details:
– A nomination letter that explains why the dissertation is deserving of the award
– How it contributes to internet research
– A PDF copy of the dissertation should be emailed to dissertationaward [@] aoir dot org
– The graduate or their supervisor must be a member of AoIR
– Self-nominations are permitted
– Filed in 2018 (meaning fully defended, all edits complete, filed/published with a 2018 copyright)

The recipient of this award will be announced this summer. In addition to winning a cash prize, the individual will also be invited to present their research in a session at AoIR 2019 in Brisbane, Australia, 3-5 October 2019.

The committee this year is comprised of Carmen Lee, Eugenia Siapera, and Aram Sinnreich, and chaired by Colin Agur.

For any questions please contact Colin Agur dissertationaward@aoir.org or Axel Bruns prez@aoir.org.