Updated AoIR Website

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Miscellaneous


I am delighted to announce that the AoIR.org website has been updated. Please get in contact with us and share any reactions, concerns, or problems you identify. And, let me know if there’s something that’s not there that you wish were there.

AoIR and the artifacts, conferences, and presence you experience is done largely by the work of volunteers who care about our community and want to give time and enthusiasm. In this case, I have to thank Anna Hoffmann in particular for doing much heavy lifting to make this happen. I also thank Annette Markham for her guidance, insight, and design sensibilities in the creation of the new website. Two of my students at Syracuse University, Rhea Khanna and Twisha Rege, also did substantial work on the site. We solicited input from the community in an early version of the new design and their feedback was vital to helping us get a handle on what you want and need from our Web presence. Finally, three volunteers gave time in looking over the final website before the soft launch a few weeks ago. Many thanks to: Nele Heise, Uta Russmann, and Lynn Clark for finding typos, broken links, and other errors.


Jennifer Stromer-Galley
Vice-President, AoIR