Mailing List Rules and Etiquette


AIR-L is an email list owned and operated by the Association of Internet Researchers ( and is managed for the Association by the AoIR Executive Committee. The Association reserves the right to remove subscribers and/or refuse subscription at any time without without warning or explanation. The Association would very much prefer not to exercise this right and will not need to do so if subscribers comply with the list rules.

In subscribing to air-l, you are agreeing to adhere to these rules:

Diverse opinions are welcome. The readership of air-l includes people from a wide variety of professional, disciplinary, methodological, and national traditions. List participants are expected to respect these differences. We ask that you maintain a tone of civility and use good judgment in your posts: disagreements are to be expected, but blatant rudeness, personal attacks, lack of respect, and monopolization of air-l to further one’s own agenda are not expected, nor will they be tolerated.

Anonymous subscriptions and posts are not allowed. In order to help maintain the list as a valuable resource for everyone, you must identify yourself by your real full name when you subscribe and when you post to air-l, and you should be prepared to verify your identity upon the executive committee’s request, including by providing a CV or résumé. This will normally occur upon subscription.

You must reply to private email privately, and you may not forward personal email to air-l without the author’s permission. When responding to an air-l post with a post to air-l, please ensure you correctly quote only the previous post or thread; avoid quoting an entire air-l digest if you are a digest subscriber.


AoIR recognises that certain posts of a commercial nature – including but not limited to job advertisements, announcements of new publications, and promotions and discounts for research tools and services – may be of genuine interest to subscribers. Such posts are acceptable on the list if they are sent from time to time, at a low frequency. Repeated posts promoting the same or substantially similar products, services, or other offers will not be tolerated if they are sent more than once per month, and may lead to removal of the post or the suspension of the subscriber.


Keep in mind that anything you send to air-l automatically goes to all subscribers – please keep posts on-topic for the list. Also remember when posting to the list that air-l is a public forum and that your words will be available to everyone subscribed to the list and placed in a public archive. Messages sent via email can easily be reproduced and circulated beyond their originally intended audience, and neither the list manager, the Association’s officers, nor the list server’s host are responsible for consequences arising from list messages being re-distributed.


Unless otherwise indicated, opinions expressed in messages on air-l are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent official AoIR policy. AoIR and its members bear no responsibility for the content of messages posted to air-l. This is an unmoderated list.