ICS Special Issue Selection and Requirements

Papers to be included in the annual AoIR special issue of Information, Communication, and Society will be selected in the following way:

  • the AoIR program chair selects 25-30 abstracts for consideration.
  • The special issue editors review these and choose a limited set (around 10) to be invited to write a full length paper, due approximately 6 weeks before the conference.
  • Editors will provide feedback and select the final 7-8 papers for the special issue (exact number of papers on ICS editors and page limits for an ICS journal issue). Those authors will have until 2 weeks after the conference to submit revised versions.
  • Papers that are acceptable but delayed and/or exceed the number ICS can publish will be accommodated in a later issue.

Papers should conform to ICS style as indicated here. Please pay particular attention to ICS formatting for references both in text and in the final reference list.

In addition, please follow these guidelines for papers sent to the special issue editors:

  • Use Times Roman typeface, 12 pt text for normal text throughout
  • Double space throughout
  • Add line numbers, by page (in Word for Windows this is under File: Page Setup: Layout; on Word for Mac this is under Format: Document: Layout)
  • Submit Word files only (no pdf, LaTex, or Word Perfect please).