2018-2019 Executive Committee – New

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Kat Tiidenberg
2018-2019 AoIR Executive Committee – Secretary

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I always want to say: “I don’t know,” in answer to this question, and then I always worry it’s a bad sign I don’t know. I suppose that might be telling in and of itself.
But facts, I can do some facts – I am Estonian. I don’t really know how telling that is, given that it’s a tiny tiny country, but it’s a decent shorthand for “people, who really really like being alone in wild nature” and “people, who have a very potent resting bitchface,” and “people, who will probably always appreciate your extra dry sarcastic jokes.”
I’m a mom to a really cool 9 year old. I don’t think I can claim credit for much of the coolness, but I feel very lucky.
I’ve been living in Denmark for the past two years, and I love licorice, but it’s still been quite surprising in unexpected ways.
I love feeding people.
I tell stories. Sometimes they are long. And I love stories told by other people, or the ones I meet in the wild.
I write non-academic books. Or I used to, I hope I will again.

What is your AoIR Executive Committee position?

What motivated you to serve on the Executive Committee for AoIR?
In all honesty – I had never contemplated running for the exec. And I can’t really claim the honor of thinking of it this time either. Rather, my mentor, my colleague, my friend, prof Annette Markham nominated me, and it wasn’t until I had to answer the questions that were to go up on the election site that I really started thinking about it. But I agree with the common assumption that it’s a good idea for academics to serve for the benefit their organizations, and for me it was just a very obvious choice, if to serve at all, then obviously in some shape or form for AoIR. I really do think AoIR is an exceptional organization that brings together such magnificent humans and such admirable scholars.

How long have you been involved with AoIR? How many conferences have you attended?
I’ve been going to AoIR since 2012, and that is also when it became my favorite conference, my favorite academic organization, and a loosely assembled constellation of “my people.” So I’ve been to 7 so far.

What is/are your current research interests?
I’ve been studying visual culture and visual self presentation on social media as well as identity and relationships in the context of social media for years, and those continue to interest me. My side projects have to do with body and embodiment, sexuality and sexiness, norms and normativity, research methods and ethics. And I’m hoping to launch into a new project on persuasion.

What is your favorite meme or YouTube video? 
I am currently 6 days into what is probably one of the more badly needed vacations of my life. And it’s just kicked in. One of the side effects of it finally kicking in is that I am drawing a blank on memes and YT videos. Imagine the sound of crickets and the smell of lavender fields, though.