New Association Coordinator

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Administrative

I have two happy announcements to make. First, Kelly Boudreau, who has been serving as AoIR’s Association Coordinator for the past two years, has accepted a position in Game Studies theory at Brunel University. As AoIR’s first Association Coordinator, Kelly has been invaluable in helping us get AoIR more organized and keeping things running. We will miss her, but we’re very excited for her in her new position and wish her all the best success!

Meanwhile, I am equally happy to announce that we have a new Association Coordinator, Anna Lauren Hoffmann. Anna is currently also our Graduate Student Representative to the AoIR Executive Committee. She has been a member of AoIR for many years, and was part of the local team for IR10 in Milwaukee. She recently received her PhD from the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she also teaches.

Please congratulate Kelly and welcome Anna to her new role in AoIR!

Lori Kendall
President, AoIR