AoIR Treasurer Job Description and Requirements

As outlined in AoIR’s bylaws, the Treasurer of the Association of Internet Researchers is responsible for managing AoIR’s finances, in general and in the specific context of its conferences, events, and other activities. Because of the Association’s incorporation as a non-profit organization in the US state of Delaware, and the annual financial reporting obligations that result from this, these responsibilities also require a robust familiarity with US tax regulations and reporting procedures for such organizations.

Prospective candidates for the office of Treasurer should carefully consider their ability to address these requirements, and demonstrate their experience in their nomination statement and subsequent discussion with the membership.

Skills Required:

  1. Demonstrated experience in budget management
  2. Commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of Treasurer: an average of three to four hours per week, with seasonal peaks for financial reporting (early Spring) and conference management (early Fall).
  3. Working understanding of financial accounting in a US context for nonprofit organizations.
  4. Working understanding of relevant US IRS regulations for 501(c)3 organizations.


  1. Serves on the Executive Committee.
  2. Manages and oversees the financial activity of the organization, including tasks such as opening bank accounts, reconciling bank statements, managing cash flow, investing funds, and making payments to vendors and consultants.
  3. Prepares annual financial reporting materials and metrics for the Board, including those for the organization as a whole and for the annual conference.
  4. Prepares monthly cash flow statements, including reconciliation of bank, payment processing, and investment accounts.
  5. Prepares annual income and cash flow statements for both the organization and the annual conference.
  6. In consultation with the organization’s accountant, prepares, reviews, and submits required financial filings with the US Internal Revenue Service, the State of Delaware, and other regulatory agencies as required.
  7. Works with the President and Association Coordinator to ensure that appropriate financial and membership reports are made available to the Board on a timely basis.
  8. Manages, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, the Board’s review of, and action related to, the Board’s financial responsibilities.
  9. Works with the Executive Committee and the President to develop policies for recommendation to the Board to ensure the financial integrity and sustainability of the organization.
  10. Works with the Executive Committee and the President to develop long-term financial strategies.
  11. Keeps currently informed of legal, regulatory and sector developments relating to the Board’s financial responsibilities.

Recommended qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (MA/MBA preferred) in Business, Management, or Finance
  • Experience in financial management and accounting, ideally in the nonprofit sector