AoIR Collated Resources for Online Teaching

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Sarah (Lozier-)Laiola (@DrSarathena192) Stockpiling COVID-19 Teaching Resources (google docs): [collation]

Distance and Online Teaching

Andreas Ramos (@andreas_ramos). Tips for teaching online:

[video, Zoom, online content]

Dr Paige Harden (@kph3k) thread on online teaching–video presentations:

[video, online content]

Katrin Tiidenberg (@kkatot) thread on online teaching, particularly content creation: [online content, moodle, video]

Dr Danna Young (@dannagal) moving to Zoom platform cheat sheet: [meetings, Zoom]

Le Doctor Cagle (@lecagle) Sample survey (pre-closure) to assess student capacity to study online: [preparation, survey]

Jessie Male (@ProfJMale) Student-led strategies for moving classes online: [online content, student collaboration]

Dr Siouxsie Wiles (@SiouxieW) Lab-based and general academic Pandemic Preparedness Plans: [planning]

Dr. Jen Golbeck (@jengolbeck) online course material resources for data science, intro stats, html/CSS/js, python, data viz: [sharing, online content]

Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer) “This class should not be your priority.” [pastoral care]

Karen Russell (@KarenRussell) Communication strategies when both teachers and students are new to learning online: [communication, tools, instructions]

All About That Grad Student Life (@istudytextiles) Tips from students familiar with taking online courses: [online content, instructions, tools]

PON | Harvard Law School: Article/Video on teaching negotiation online: [online content, pedagogy]

Casey Fiesler, PhD, JD, geekD (@cfiesler) INFO/CS survey for students: [preparation, survey]

Working From Home (WfH)

SIMD Crawford (@omershapira) Leading creative teams at a distance: [management]

St (@StuFlemingNZ) Lessons from all-remote working: [communication, meetings]



The Chronicle of Higher Education: Going Online In A Hurry: [info, pedagogy]

EduCause Library: Covid-19 Resource Page: [info] — includes sections on campus responses, Higher Ed Emergency Planning,Campus Advisories, Alternate Education Delivery, and Working Remotely

NYT: Coronavirus Resources [all levels of education]: [info]

Inside Higher Ed: Case study of SJU approach to online transition:

Chronicle of Higher Education: Case study of Clemson:

The Spinoff: Flatten the Curve: [flatten the curve]

The Chronicle of Higher Education (@chronicle) List of US closures/cancellations: [info]

Chronicle: Closing the campus and the impact on most vulnerable students: [students]

EduCause: Data on students’ access to IT and online learning spaces: [info]


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