AoIR2021 Conference Info

The 22nd annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers  went completely virtual for #AoIR2021. For the second time in its history, the AoIR conference took place online, across time zones due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

The theme for the year’s conference was “Independence (online).” Our annual conference took place online using YouTube, Zoom and AoIRTown. Adrienne Shaw AoIR 2021 Program Chair, working closely with a local conference committee and members of the 2019-2021 AoIR Exec Committee planned an event what included specially curated themed playlists for asynchronous viewing, early publication of SPIR, and 4 days of live events which included group themed discussions, Keynote Q&A, social hours, pub quizzes, and karaoke.

Past pages and documents for this conference are available at the below links.

AoIR2021 Call for Proposals
AoIR2021 Conference Committee