2015 AoIR Executive Committee Election Results

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Administrative, Elections

I am excited to announce the results of our recent election for the AoIR Executive Committee. But first, some thank yous and some information about the election.

I would like to thank everyone who helped set up and run the election, especially Anna Lauren Hoffmann, our Association Coordinator. I also thank our election monitors, Dylan Wittkower and Jan Fernback, who, in accordance with the terms of our Bylaws, oversaw the election process and certified the results. And of course thanks to everyone who ran for office, and everyone who voted! We had more candidates and more voters than ever. We received 169 ballots, fully one-third of our membership.

We had one unusual result, a tie for the third open seat. As the Bylaws make no provision for how to proceed in such a case, the AoIR Board of Directors met to discuss this. We have decided that the Executive Committee benefits from a wide range of voices and that the best way to honor the intent of the membership as expressed through their votes was to add a fourth open seat to this 2015-2017 Executive Committee.

The new Executive Committee will officially take office in October at the Association General Meeting. We hope you’ll join us in Phoenix to meet with them and provide your input regarding the future direction of the Association.

And with that, here is your 2015-2017 Executive Committee!

President (elected as Vice President in the 2013 Election): Jenny Stromer-Galley
Vice President (becomes President in two years): Axel Bruns
Immediate Past President (elected as Vice President in the 2011 Election): Lori Kendall
Secretary: Annette Markham
Treasurer: Kelly Quinn
Graduate Student Representative: Jenny Ungbha Korn
Open Seats: André Brock, Jang Hyun Kim, Adrienne Massanari, Susanna Paasonen

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the election.

Lori Kendall
President, AoIR