Satellite Events for #AoIR2020

We are excited to welcome AoIR conference attendees to Ireland in October 2020. In conjunction with the conference there are several satellite events in or near Ireland that might be of interest to #AoIR2020 attendees.

Mediating Sexualities: The sexual politics of media production and regulation
Bilingual, international and interdisciplinary conference

Lille University, France, November 3rd-4th 2020
This conference will examine the processes through which sexuality is mediated, with special interest in media genres and sectors that may not appear as “sexual” at first sight. Indeed, the queer starting point of this conference is that all media, even those that present as “non- sexual”, are actually actively involved in sexual politics, for instance through the claim of sexual decency. This also implies that all sexualities, even those that present as natural and timeless – starting with heterosexuality –, are actually the product of cultural processes, in which the media play a key role.

Deadline for cfp submission: February 17th, 2020

LSE Digital Ethnography Collective

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Monday 26th Oct 2020

Whilst holding on to the valuable insights of earlier research, digital ethnographers are required to remain methodologically agile in order to keep up with rapidly changing socio-technological contexts. This one-day symposium hosted by the LSE Digital Ethnography Collective on Monday 26th October invites participants to discuss the state of digital ethnographic research in 2020, by both reaching back into its rich history and thinking about future directions. We are inviting submissions spanning from ‘finished product’ empirical work to presentations addressing common concerns in the practise of carrying out digital ethnographic research (methods, ethics, self-reflexivity etc.) in the hopes that the day will generate both interesting and useful conversations amongst attendees.

Link to event