Each year the Association of Internet Researchers organises a key event – the annual Internet Research conference. This conference brings together hundreds of academics, researchers, graduate students and other participants for a interdisciplinary, multi-methodological look at the Internet. The conference has developed a reputation for being friendly, welcoming of diverse opinions and broad in its scope. The conference aims to gather together leading scholars and help set directions for research within disciplines, as well as in interdisciplinary ventures. We encourage all Internet researchers to attend.

For information on the current conference visit the current conference page.

Future Conferences
The Association makes every effort to announce upcoming conference venues up to two years in advance. To view information on upcoming conference locations, visit the pages for our future conferences here and here.

Past Conferences
The first conference, IR 1.0 “The State of the Discipline” was held in Lawrence in 2000. For brief information and in some cases, to view the old conference site, please see past conferences.